Reducing the Cost of New Construction and Ensuring Better Long-Term ROI with Hycrete

Hycrete is a chemically advanced admixture technology that offers a better, more economical solution for long-term concrete protection. Engineered with our advanced chemistry of protectants and a dual-action corrosion inhibitor, Hycrete permanently protects your structure from the inside out, ensuring better longevity, better sustainability, and ultimately a better ROI. Project Savings:Project with an average of […]

Navigating California’s Updated 2024 CALGreen Building Code with Hycrete

Always at the forefront of sustainability initiatives for the commercial construction industry, the state of California is adopting a new CALGreen building code in 2024.

Officially going into effect July 1, 2024, the new CALGreen measures are an updated version of the existing 2022 code – widely considered to be America’s first sustainability-focused standard for greener, cleaner construction. Looking toward the future, another updated version of the CALGreen code is slated to take effect in 2026.