Reducing the Cost of New Construction and Ensuring Better Long-Term ROI with Hycrete

Hycrete is a chemically advanced admixture technology that offers a better, more economical solution for long-term concrete protection. Engineered with our advanced chemistry of protectants and a dual-action corrosion inhibitor, Hycrete permanently protects your structure from the inside out, ensuring better longevity, better sustainability, and ultimately a better ROI.

Project Savings:
Project with an average of 3,000 yards of concrete.
Estimated Material Savings: $740,000
Estimated Time Savings: $245,000

Total Savings: $985,000
*Estimated Daily Overhead Rate: $7,000
*Estimated Schedule Days Recovered: 35 

What exactly is Hycrete? In short, it’s a liquid admixture added to the concrete for complete waterproofing and corrosion resistance. Hycrete forms a performance copolymer that fills the capillaries and pores in the concrete, making it virtually non-porous and moisture-resistant. Simultaneously, Hycrete forms a passivating layer around the internal rebar, creating a protective “liquid green bar” on the surface of all steel structural elements.

Hycrete’s advantages vs. conventional concrete and external waterproofing treatments:

  • Simplify the construction process by eliminating the need for external waterproofing treatments while reducing the number of steps and materials involved.
  • Improve the performance and durability of concrete by preventing moisture damage, deterioration, and rebar corrosion.
  • Enhance the overall sustainability of concrete by extending its life cycle, reducing its carbon footprint, and enabling its recycling. Cradle to Cradle certified for its positive environmental impact, Hycrete also reduces radon gas exhalation from concrete by 35%.
  • A customized and comprehensive protection system for your specific application: Hycrete offers a 4-point protection program that includes project review, concrete mix design review, details, quality assurance, and 10-year performance based warranty.
  • Dive deeper into the unique benefits of Hycrete admixtures on the Hycrete Science page.

Material and Resource Savings Combined with Sustainability

The very first building material ever certified Cradle to Cradle, Hycrete products adhere to the very highest standards of sustainability. Using Hycrete eliminates many of the environmentally harmful effects and wasted materials you get with installed membranes and conventional concrete coatings. Essentially, Hycrete lets you do more with less.

Hycrete is the ideal solution for California construction projects to meet the new and expanding CALGreen building code initiatives. Below, we’ve laid out the estimated material savings achieved by utilizing our chemically advanced admixtures.

Free Project Review for New Construction or Commercial Building Projects

If you’ve been around the industry, you’ve probably already heard that Hycrete is becoming the go-to solution for comprehensive concrete protection. We’ve become the first name in new construction because our chemically advanced admixtures preserve concrete from the surface down to the structural elements, extending the lifespan of the building.

However, what you may not know is just how easy it is to incorporate Hycrete into your project from the start, giving you the best protection possible for your unique application.

That’s why we’ve put together a convenient Project Review form to streamline the process and help you choose the optimum level of protection.

Our Simple 3-Step Project Review Process:

  1. Have your project carefully reviewed by our expert technical team.
  2. Get a detailed plan that tailors the optimum level of protection for your unique project and requirements
  3. Receive concrete protection that lasts the lifetime of the structure – so effective you’ll never have to think about it again.

Building with Better Concrete Since 2003

Hycrete offers the industry a better, more economical  way to build with concrete. It simplifies the construction process, minimizes the cost, and maximizes the lifetime sustainability. Essentially, it’s a fully customized protection system for concrete structures of all types. At Hycrete, our aim is to help the industry build a better future with better concrete materials.

Contact Hycrete for a no-cost, no-obligation VE proposal specific to your project.

Picture of Lindsey Montgomery
Lindsey Montgomery
Lindsey has over 15 years in the AEC industry and she currently manages the business development for Hycrete’s US division focusing on education and strengthening client relations.
Picture of Lindsey Montgomery
Lindsey Montgomery

Lindsey has over 15 years in the AEC industry and she currently manages the business development for Hycrete’s US division focusing on education and strengthening client relations.

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