Comparing Long-Term Concrete Protection Strategies for the Modern Construction Industry

Hycrete Endure CP Provides Long Term Solutions for a Truly Sustainable Built Environment.

In today’s ever-evolving construction industry and commercial building sector, standard untreated concrete options generally won’t cut it. Customers demand long-lasting concrete protection and waterproofing treatments that prevent weathering and structural damage while keeping the surface looking clean and pristine for years to come.

Conventional concrete with outmoded waterproofing and inadequate corrosion protection has been costing society time, money, and environmental resources for far too long. Enter Hycrete: a long-term concrete protection strategy engineered to maximize both the durability and sustainability of your building project – as well as your ROI.

Below, we compare some of the most popular concrete protection options to see how they stack up with the innovative Hycrete admixtures.

Three of the Most Common Concrete Waterproofing Systems:

Waterproof Concrete Membrane Installations

There are many options for concrete waterproofing membranes on the market today, ranging in both performance and application methods. Many of the issues with waterproofing membranes stem from the complex installation process. Whether it’s a sheet membrane or liquid applied membrane, the long-term effectiveness of the protection largely depends on how well it was installed. Membrane installation is also heavily dependent on optimal weather conditions, often leading to extensive construction schedule delays.

For highly sensitive projects requiring the highest level of waterproofing protection, like datacenters, vivariums, and laboratories, a “belt and suspenders” application of both a membrane and waterproofing concrete admixtures, such as Hycrete, can achieve zero water ingress.  Disney’s new headquarters in downtown New York City used Hycrete in conjunction with a membrane, due to the sensitive nature of the recording studios located in the basement level.

Crystalline Waterproofing Admixture

Crystal-growth admixtures are classified as densifiers similar to fly ash, slag, and silica fume. Crystal growth products are liquid or powdered admixtures, relying on silica or silicate chemistry.  These products require the absorption of water to activate the crystal growth process over an extended period of time, eventually reaching max growth capacity. Because the water activated crystals are unable to completely fill the pores and capillary system naturally found in concrete, crystal growth admixtures only slow the ingress of water and moisture vapors.

Hydrophobic Waterproofing and Corrosion-Inhibitor Admixture

Hycrete’s hydrophobic (water-repelling) liquid admixture forms a performance copolymer when mixed with concrete that fills its natural capillary system, making concrete virtually non-porous and resistant to the transport of moisture vapor and liquid.

Hycrete reacts with the metallic ions in cement and rebar to form an internal corrosion-inhibiting surface coating around steel reinforcement.  Hycrete is a water-based admixture for the protection of concrete that extends the life-cycle of concrete structures, allows post-life concrete to be recycled, and earns valuable LEED credits for green building projects. 

Hycrete’s hydrophobic admixtures are often specified and classified with densifying hydrophilic crystal growth admixtures even though they do not function or perform at the same level. Crystal-growth admixtures cannot match the level of protection you get with Hycrete’s state-of-the-art dual-action waterproofing and corrosion inhibitor admixtures. 

Hycrete: The Comprehensive Solution for Long-Term Concrete Protection

Generally costing 20% to 30% less than a conventional installed membrane, Hycrete is not only the functional and environmentally-sound solution – it’s the economic winner as well. Offering a far better long-term ROI. With a longer life-cycle and smaller carbon footprint, Hycrete is Cradle to Cradle certified for achieving a positive environmental impact.

Engineered with our advanced chemistry of protectants and a dual-action corrosion inhibitor, Hycrete permanently protects your construction project from the inside out, ensuring better longevity and sustainability. For specialized building projects that require absolutely no water leakage and the best corrosion protection possible, Hycrete can be combined with waterproof membranes and surface sealers discussed above in a comprehensive “belt and suspenders” approach.

Hycrete’s enhanced level of protection has enabled one of our projects to recently hit its 10-year anniversary and achieve Living Building Registration – the Bullitt Center in Seattle, Washington. Dubbed “the Greenest Commercial Building in the World”, the Bullitt Center is designed with the goal of a 250-year lifespan, and is continuing to perform at an even higher level of efficiency than expected with the help of Hycrete.

American Engineered Innovation for the Modern Construction Sector

Hycrete is an innovative American manufacturer founded in 2003. Our company’s mission is to help the construction industry build better, more sustainable structures through the engineering of better concrete materials. Now backed by more than two decades of experience and thousands of successful projects worldwide, Hycrete has become the scientifically-proven gold standard for concrete waterproofing and corrosion protection.

For more information on Hycrete’s complete line of products and services, visit or contact your local representative.  

Lindsey Montgomery
Lindsey Montgomery
Lindsey has over 15 years in the AEC industry and she currently manages the business development for Hycrete’s US division focusing on education and strengthening client relations.
Lindsey Montgomery
Lindsey Montgomery

Lindsey has over 15 years in the AEC industry and she currently manages the business development for Hycrete’s US division focusing on education and strengthening client relations.

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