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Proven Innovation For Modern Concrete Protection

Our mission is to enable you to build better structures with better concrete. So we developed the technology and system to get you there.
the problem with waterproofing

Traditional Concrete Is Costing Us

Over two decades ago, our team found that conventional concrete protection was no longer meeting the demands of modern structures and construction methods.

Solutions were needed that were higher performing, easier to install, cost less, and were more environmentally sustainable.

Problem Solved

Enhancing the World's Most Important Building Material

Scientists by training, our founders leveraged proven science to formulate an advanced chemical admixture that makes concrete molecularly waterproof and corrosion resistant — Hycrete.

Traditional Concrete Meets Advanced Chemistry

Scientists by training, the Hycrete team applied advanced chemistry to the world’s most ubiquitous building material — concrete. 

The resulting hydrophobic liquid admixture polymerizes in concrete, making it virtually non-porous. This advanced concrete technology limits water absorption to < 1%, prevents the corrosion of steel reinforcement, and contributes to sustainability goals.

The Gold Standard For Concrete Protection

Launched in 2003, Hycrete undergoes extensive laboratory and field testing to confirm its superior performance. 20+ years and thousands of successful projects later, Hycrete is the scientifically proven gold standard for concrete waterproofing and corrosion protection.

The Future Is Now For Sustainable Concrete

As commercial construction methods continue to modernize, advanced sustainable solutions have become the industry standard. Hycrete’s proven technology exceeds those demands — representing the past, present, and future of concrete protection.


A Better Way to Build

With Hycrete360, waterproof concrete becomes waterproof construction. Hycrete360 eliminates the typical headaches of waterproofing concrete by providing a complete program of expert-guided concrete construction customized for your specific needs — ensuring a successful project every time.

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Our Mission

Helping You Build a Sustainable Foundation

We know legacy concrete with outmoded protection options are costing time, money, and environmental resources. At Hycrete, we’ve developed innovative concrete technologies that help you build better structures that are easier to construct, limit your risk, minimize your costs, and are more environmentally responsible — so you can build a sustainable foundation for a better world.

How to Get Started

Don’t Just Protect It, Hycrete It

Our proven 3-step process provides everything you need to build with better concrete.