Hycrete Endure CP

Dual Action Corrosion Protection For Steel Reinforcement

Armed with our chemically advanced, dual action corrosion inhibitor, Hycrete Endure CP makes your structures more durable, increases life-cycle, and increases sustainability.
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Advanced Corrosion Protection

Chemically Encapsulate Your Rebar

Hycrete Endure CP forms a protective chemical barrier on the surface of steel reinforcement, dramatically extending the longevity of your concrete.
Molecular Barrier
Hycrete Endure CP uses lab proven chemistry to form a molecular barrier on the surface of rebar, significantly reducing corrosion.
Dual Protection
Not only is Hycrete the most waterproof concrete technology available, it also prevents corrosion of steel reinforcement.
More Sustainable
With a longer life-cycle and smaller carbon footprint, Hycrete is Cradle to Cradle Gold certified for a positive environmental impact.
Permanent Protection
Hycrete Endure CP does not degrade, wash out, or lose performance over time, affording you permanent corrosion protection.
High Performance
Hycrete Endure CP outperforms triple blend cementitious systems and concrete with calcium nitrite based corrosion inhibitors.
Push Button Dosing
As a liquid concrete admixture, Hycrete is incredibly easy to dose, mix, and deliver, with consistent quality performance.
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Check Concrete Protection Off Your To-Do List

There’s no need to risk your project on outmoded concrete protection. Instead, work with our team of experts to dial in the ideal protection for your specific application.

Hycrete Specifications

Direct links to Hycrete specifications for industry design professionals.
Hycrete Endure CP Corrosion technology

Permanent Corrosion Protection From the Inside Out

Corrosion Inhibition Study
In a study conducted by the UMass, 204 weeks of cycled ponding and drying in sodium chloride solution were evaluated for corrosion. Hycrete was shown to be highly effective at reducing rust, even in cracked concrete.

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