Hycrete Endure WP

Waterproof Your Concrete From the Inside Out

Instead of waterproofing your concrete, pour concrete that’s already waterproof using Hycrete Endure WP — our advanced, molecularly waterproof, hydrophobic concrete technology.
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Integral Hydrophobic Waterproofing

Waterproof Ready

Hycrete Endure technology makes concrete intrinsically waterproof and ready to pour, allowing you to build better structures that are higher performing, more sustainable, and lower cost than those with legacy concrete waterproofing.

Highest Performing
Hycrete reduces water absorption in concrete to less than 1%, the highest performing technology on the market.
Dual Protection
Not only is Hycrete the most waterproof concrete technology available, it also prevents corrosion of steel reinforcement.
More Sustainable
With a longer life-cycle and smaller carbon footprint, Hycrete is Cradle to Cradle Gold certified for a positive environmental impact.
More Durable
Hycrete Endure WP does not degrade, wash out, or lose performance over time, and never requires reapplication.
Lower Cost
Hycrete generally costs 20-30% less than an installed membrane. It’s longer life-cycle ensures greater long term ROI.
Push Button Dosing
As a liquid concrete admixture, Hycrete is incredibly easy to dose, mix, and deliver, with consistent quality performance.
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Check Concrete Protection Off Your To-Do List

There’s no need to risk your project on outmoded concrete protection. Instead, work with our team of experts to dial in the ideal protection for your specific application.

Hycrete Specifications

Direct links to Hycrete specifications for industry design professionals.
Hycrete Endure Waterproofing Technology

Unparalleled: Hycrete Technology Outperforms the Field

Lab Test Results
Dozens of independent lab tests demonstrate Hycrete’s superior waterproofing performance, with Hycrete admixture performing in the 0.3% – 0.9% water absorption range.

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How to Get Started

Don’t Just Protect It, Hycrete It

Our proven 3-step process provides everything you need to build with better concrete.