Hycrete Endure Cure

High Performance Curing Compound That Doesn’t Break the Bank

Hycrete Endure Cure is a multi-purpose spray applied curing and finishing aid for concrete. A specially formulated water-based product, Endure Cure provides efficient moisture retention as well as improved curing properties on freshly placed concrete.
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Finish Your Concrete With a Technically Advanced Curing Compound

Endure Cure’s hydrophobic and pore blocking chemistry helps produce a denser concrete surface, resulting in slower evaporation.

Water Based Formula
Endure Cure’s advanced water-based formula provides efficient moisture retention and improved concrete curing properties on freshly placed concrete.
Easier Finishing
Endure Cure provides a long-lasting lubricated concrete surface for easier finishing and prolonged workability, reducing trowel drag and stickiness.
Improved Durability
Endure Cure improves concrete durability by reducing absorption, reducing chloride penetration, and enhancing corrosion protection.
As a multi-purpose concrete curing and finishing aid, Endure Cure solves all your finishing and curing challenges.
Lubricates Concrete

Endure Cure’s long-lasting concrete surface lubrication eliminates the need to add water to finish the concrete surface.

Corrosion Protection
Endure Cure protects concrete surfaces from de-icing salts infiltration and increased freeze-thaw resistance.
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Check Concrete Protection Off Your To-Do List

There’s no need to risk your project on outmoded concrete protection. Instead, work with our team of experts to dial in the ideal protection for your specific application.
Uses and Applications

Multi-Purpose Curing and Finishing For a Wide Range of Applications

Hycrete Endure Cure is the ideal curing and finishing solution for a wide range of above grade and below grade concrete applications.
The ideal curing compound for...

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