Reducing embodied carbon in concrete construction

The construction industry’s use of concrete accounts for a huge percentage of the carbon emissions we generate as a society. Mostly, that’s due simply to the sheer amount of concrete we use. To put it into perspective, concrete is the second-most-consumed material in the world next only to water. As you can probably imagine, all of that material use comes with a whole lot of embodied carbon.

Hycrete’s Guide to New York’s Sustainable Building Code – The Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act (CLCPA)

New York continually strives to be amongst the nation’s leading states in terms of sustainability and environmental outreach. To that end, the state officially adopted one of America’s first eco-focused building and energy codes with 2019’s Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act – CLCPA.  The CLCPA1 is essentially a set of carefully-orchestrated climate laws designed […]

Long-Term Concrete Protection for Infrastructure Projects and DOT Customers

Hycrete has long been the leading choice in long-term concrete protection for the American transportation sector and beyond. From bridges and decks to roadways and barriers, our chemically-advanced admixtures have extended the life of critical infrastructure across the nation for more than 20 years. In fact, it was just over a decade ago that Hycrete […]

Reducing the Cost of New Construction and Ensuring Better Long-Term ROI with Hycrete

Hycrete is a chemically advanced admixture technology that offers a better, more economical solution for long-term concrete protection. Engineered with our advanced chemistry of protectants and a dual-action corrosion inhibitor, Hycrete permanently protects your structure from the inside out, ensuring better longevity, better sustainability, and ultimately a better ROI. Project Savings:Project with an average of […]

Navigating California’s Updated 2024 CALGreen Building Code with Hycrete

Always at the forefront of sustainability initiatives for the commercial construction industry, the state of California is adopting a new CALGreen building code in 2024.

Officially going into effect July 1, 2024, the new CALGreen measures are an updated version of the existing 2022 code – widely considered to be America’s first sustainability-focused standard for greener, cleaner construction. Looking toward the future, another updated version of the CALGreen code is slated to take effect in 2026.