Supporting Global Sustainability in the Built Environment with Better Concrete Materials

The global construction industry is focusing more than ever on long-term sustainability. Through the widespread adoption of sustainable concrete materials and greener construction methods, the built environment worldwide is striving to reduce embodied carbon, creating concrete structures that look better and last longer in the process.

Rising to these challenges along with the increasing demand for high-performance building materials, Hycrete partners with international architectural firms and construction companies around the globe. Ultimately, our goal is to help the world create better homes and infrastructure while also reducing the massive carbon footprint of the built environment.

Below, we take a look at some of our most exciting international projects meeting these new sustainability challenges – from the American highway to a private mansion in Mexico to a 5-star luxury hotel and casino in the Philippines.

Helping Global Architecture and Construction Firms Meet International Sustainability Initiatives:

North America – A Focus on Infrastructure Renewal and New Housing

Building new affordable housing and renewing America’s infrastructure have both taken center stage in recent years – as has sustainability. Not surprisingly, the states of California and New York enacted some of the nation’s earliest and most aggressive sustainable building codes. The story is the same in Canada, which is increasingly adopting green practices, with both countries committing more and more to LEED certification and similar guidelines. Of course, these types of environmental initiatives are only expected to expand into the future.

An increasing number of North American architectural firms and construction companies are staying ahead of the curve by incorporating better concrete materials with Hycrete. Our chemically advanced admixtures protect the long-term integrity and aesthetics of their projects, and thus their long-term ROI. An overall reduction in embodied carbon naturally follows, which means better adherence to the emerging sustainability initiatives throughout the US and Canada.

  • Check out our overview of some of the unique Hycrete projects in American housing, campuses, and infrastructure.

Mexico – New Investment in Infrastructure and Industry

Trending with the rest of the North American market, Mexico is also seeing a huge demand for new housing development. Likewise, the Mexican industrial space is seeing significant investment, both for domestic production and due to the trend of American nearshore manufacturing. To put it into perspective, in 2023 Mexico ranked 10th in the world on the US Green Building Council’s list of “Top 10 Countries and Regions for Leed” – so sustainability is definitely a top priority throughout the Mexican construction sector.

That’s why we’ve seen so much success in our distribution partnership with Hycrete Mexico. Extending our international supply chains, we intend to provide easy access to the best building materials regardless in which country the project is based.

India – Green Housing Development and New Infrastructure

As one of the countries being hit hardest by climate change and pollution-related issues, India is experiencing a crucial need for sustainably built housing – especially in its dense urban centers.

Likewise, there’s a growing demand for new infrastructure development to meet the needs of the booming population. More and more architectural firms and builders behind these projects are seeking LEED certification or other sustainability initiatives through Green Business Certification Inc (GBCI). Of course, such certified construction methods are only going to become more prevalent as the country continues to tighten its environmental policies into the future.

  • Helping the Indian construction industry rise to these challenges, Hycrete has partnered with JBA India to provide streamlined access to our full range of chemically advanced concrete materials.

Philippines – Green Urban Development on the Rise

Similar to India, the Philippines is seeing a huge boom in new housing and other construction. In recent years, the country has consistently been at the top of the global lists for fastest-growing construction markets, with an expected annual adjusted growth rate topping 7% over the next several years. That uniquely positions the Philippines construction industry to emerge as a global leader in the development of sustainable buildings and infrastructure.

  • We already have some state-of-the-art Philippines building projects under our belts. See this case study for a look at the Hycrete-protected Okada Manila hotel and casino in aptly named Entertainment City, Metro Manila.

Supporting Global Sustainability in Architecture and New Construction

Hycrete provides the global construction industry a more effective and eco-friendly way to build with better concrete materials. Backed by more than two decades of experience and thousands of successful global projects, Hycrete has become the scientifically-proven gold standard for sustainable concrete waterproofing and corrosion protection.

Picture of Lindsey Montgomery
Lindsey Montgomery
Lindsey has over 15 years in the AEC industry and she currently manages the business development for Hycrete’s US division focusing on education and strengthening client relations.
Picture of Lindsey Montgomery
Lindsey Montgomery

Lindsey has over 15 years in the AEC industry and she currently manages the business development for Hycrete’s US division focusing on education and strengthening client relations.

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