Hycrete Extends Bridge Life by 20+ Years and Saves Over 50%

Hycrete Outperforms Competition in Independent Corrosion Testing

CARLSTADT, N.J., October 13, 2015 – Hycrete, Inc., a leader in waterproofing and corrosion protection technologies for concrete, is proud to announce the completion of the rehabilitation of Bridge V-39 in Sussex County, NJ. Since its construction in 1968, Bridge V-39 had been exposed to winter roadways salts that over time caused severe deterioration to the concrete deck and substructure surfaces below.

Using Hycrete’s hydrophobic permeability-reducing admixtures will extend Bridge V-39’s useful life by 66% compared to the normal method of rehabilitation.
In addition, Hycrete will save the County more than 50% of the cost of building a new bridge deck on an annualized basis. The challenge was to avoid an expensive $3.8 million full bridge replacement by creating a value engineered rehabilitation.

As the nation’s infrastructure ages, the $19 billion market for corrosion-related concrete repairs will continue to grow as more bridges, roadways, and other concrete structures require rehabilitation or replacement.

Hycrete has been proven to reduce chloride diffusion and extend concrete life. In independent testing, a bulk chloride diffusion test performed by Tourney Consulting Group (TCG) proved that Hycrete outperformed both the control and the other waterproofing admixtures by reducing chloride diffusion by a factor of 3.8-7.0 times. Chloride diffusion testing is one of the most important methods of determining a product’s efficacy in reducing corrosion/deterioration.

Because of Hycrete’s performance, the County called for a value-engineered solution with Hycrete in the new bridge deck. While a conventional concrete deck replacement can add up to 30 years of service life to an existing bridge, the County used Hycrete to cost-effectively extend this an additional 20+ years. The end result is a deck that will last 50+ years for under $1.1 million and savings for the County $27,000+ each year over the useful life of the structure.

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About Hycrete Inc.

Based in Fairfield, N.J., Hycrete, Inc. provides concrete producers, builders, designers, and owners with modern concrete construction technologies that deliver long-term water, vapor and corrosion protection. Hycrete’s sustainable solutions, backed by industry-leading warranties, accelerate construction schedules, deliver cost savings and provide peace of mind. The company delivers integral waterproofing that eliminates the need for external membranes and offers admixtures designed to enhance concrete durability and keep water out of structures. The company focuses on sub-grade, grade, and super-grade water, vapor and corrosion protection. Applications include deep foundation slabs and walls, podium and plaza decks, water features, green roofs, water treatment, parking and tunnel structures. For more information, please visit hycrete.com.

Michael Munoz
Michael Munoz
Marketing Manager
Michael Munoz
Michael Munoz

Marketing Manager

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