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Everything you need to know about Hycrete.

Hycrete Basics

Hycrete admixtures integrally waterproof concrete and cementitious materials and help protect steel reinforcement from corrosion. Hycrete admixtures are water-based, low-odor, and Cradle-to-Cradle certified, meaning that Hycrete admixtures are environmentally friendly and may be recycled at the end of their useful lives.

Hycrete admixtures react with metals in the water, concrete, and steel reinforcement. From the reaction, a precipitate is formed where one end of the molecule has a long hydrocarbon chain. Like oil repels water, this precipitate fills the capillaries of the concrete, repelling water and shutting down capillary absorption.

In two ways:

1. Hycrete admixtures reduce water and chloride ion transport through concrete by blocking concrete pores. This blocking mechanism is a result of Hycrete’s reaction with the calcium within the cement creating an oil-like molecule that repels water (not simply enhancing density as with traditional integral waterproofing alternatives). Less water and fewer chlorides are able to reach steel reinforcement.

2. Hycrete admixtures also react and bond with the rebar itself, forming a protective coating. Even in cases of cracked concrete where rebar is exposed, the Hycrete technology enhances corrosion protection.

Hycrete Performance

Concrete exhibiting less than 1% water absorption according to BSI (British Standards Institute) 1881-122 is classified as hydrophobic.

Hycrete admixtures stay in the concrete. When the concrete hardens, they turn from a liquid to a solid which is bonded to the concrete. The concrete protects the Hycrete material so it provides long-term waterproofing and corrosion protection performance.

Mixes incorporating Hycrete can be expected to have slightly lower compressive strengths compared to control mixes, generally in the 3% — 10% range, as a result of the “hydrophobizing” of the aggregate. This is compensated where needed by traditional means, such as the use of water reducers, increased cement, or lowering the W/C ratio (no more than 0.42 is recommended).

Trial batches should be performed and appropriate adjustments made to the mix design prior to use.

Hycrete Products

Yes. Hycrete offers an AIA seminar on Integral Waterproofing Solutions for Concrete – 1.0 hours HSW SD. Hycrete also offers training seminars for engineers, waterproofing consultants, owners, and contractors.

Hycrete System W offers waterproof construction, more than just waterproof concrete. It is composed of three components:

  • Hycrete W1000
  • Hycrete service, including construction details, site inspections to ensure watertight construction, and closing cracks that leak.
  • Hycrete IntegraTek warranty – “If it leaks, we fix it.”

With Hycrete System W, Hycrete repairs any cracks that leak according to the terms of its performance warranty, IntegraTek. Repairs are typically performed by drilling and injecting an expansive polyurethane foam that expands in the presence of water and permanently seals cracks that are leaking. This closure service is included with Hycrete System W.

Joints and penetrations are waterproofed using bentonite waterstops that swell when in contact with water. As a part of Hycrete System W, waterstop details may be included and provided to the contractor for installation.

Hycrete System W includes a performance warranty as well as several field services to ensure that concrete construction is watertight. Hycrete W1000 includes a product warranty, with no or limited service support. See comparisons between the different Hycrete waterproofing products, and between Hycrete products and other waterproofing materials.

The appropriate Hycrete product will depend on many factors, including: exposure to water, depth of water table, climate, the type of structure being built, among others. See applications to find products available for your project type. And contact your local Hycrete representative to discuss and understand the appropriate Hycrete product for your application.

Hycrete will be launching surface applied products later this year. Please check back for updates.

Hycrete X1000 is a dual-action corrosion inhibitor. It reduces the permeability of concrete, up to seven times better than control concrete. It also forms a protective layer on the surface of rebar. It increases the durability of concrete, lengthening the life of your structure.

Hycrete M1000 protects cementitious materials such as CMU blocks, pavers, mortar, and stucco. Ordinary cementitious materials absorb water and dissolved salts through a network of pores, leading to water damage, mold growth, and other unfavorable effects. Available in formulations, both liquid and dry, to fit the relevant application, Hycrete M1000 dramatically reduces absorption, keeping these products dry and water away from underlying structures.

Specifications for all of Hycrete’s products are available for downloading. If you have questions regarding the Hycrete specifications please contact your local Hycrete representative.

Waterproofing: Architects generally specify waterproofing, and engineers generally specify concrete. So specifying Hycrete waterproofing products may be a team undertaking. Specifications are available in a number of formats. Please contact us if you have any specification questions.

Corrosion inhibition products: Hycrete X1000 is generally specified by engineers.

CMU blocks, pavers, mortar, and stucco: Hycrete M1000 is generally specified by architects.

Please contact Hycrete, Inc. for detailed pricing. Hycrete System W is typically at par with or costs less than membranes on a square foot basis. Hycrete W1000 delivers superior waterproofing performance compared to other integral admixtures for the same or lower cost. Hycrete X1000 has a similar cost to calcium nitrite technology with a superior performance. Hycrete M1000 life-cycle costs save money compared with the cost of unprotected CMU blocks, pavers, mortar and stucco.

Generally Hycrete is sold via concrete ready mix producers. Contact us with any direct sales requests.

Yes, Hycrete will work to help develop mix designs that meet project specifications. However, the final mix design remains the responsibility of the ready mix producer.

Yes. Hycrete, Inc. prepares a custom set of drawings for each Hycrete System W project via Hycrete’s Technical Services Department.

Hycrete admixtures are water-based liquids with low odor. They are added to the ready mix concrete load with the initial batch water. A pump system can be used, which simplifies dosing and ensures accuracy.

Hycrete admixtures may also be added by hand using five gallon pails. Dosage is typically 1-2 gallons per cubic yard of concrete. See the mixing instructions and individual product data sheets for more details.

No – Hycrete admixtures are neutral to the plastic qualities of concrete. Subject to other admixtures, concrete will set at the usual rate and be easy to work and place.

In most instances for Hycrete System W, one or two Hycrete concrete technicians or managers may be stationed at the construction site to monitor placement. Find out more about Hycrete System W’s industry-leading service.

Hycrete, Inc. is currently operating in several international regions. Inquiries are welcome.

Hycrete Benefits

Hycrete products provide unique benefits, which can be found in detail on dedicated web pages:

Design Professionals: Architects and specification writers, Waterproofing consultants, Engineers

Owners & Developers: Building owners, Public works / DOTs

Contractors: General contractors – buildings, Public works / DOT contractors, Concrete contractors

Producers: Ready mix suppliers

Hycrete’s integral waterproofing solutions reduce risk and increase profits to owners and contractors as a result of membrane elimination. Additional benefits include: shortened project schedules due to fewer man hours and reduced weather delays, reduced risk of leaks and repairs associated with moisture penetration, waterproof and corrosion protection at the time of placement, zero VOCs, improved jobsite safety, and expanded lay-down areas.

When water gets into your concrete structure, not only does it cause leaks but it also may allow corrosion and weaken the structure. Hycrete admixtures protect the concrete in a number of ways: permeability reduction, protective layer around reinforcing steel, closing cracks, and superior corrosion inhibition. Learn more about increasing durability using Hycrete products.

In two primary ways:

  1. Hycrete stands behind its Hycrete360 waterproofing system by backing it with a performance warranty. The philosophy behind the Hycrete warranty is that “if it leaks, we fix it.” Also, because Hycrete is responsible for the waterproofing warranty, it ensures that its own employees are in place throughout the construction process. This guarantees waterproofing success.
  2. Even in instances where concrete is not cracked, water can permeate through concrete via capillary absorption. Hycrete’s waterproofing admixtures dramatically reduce water absorption in concrete, protecting building interiors from water damage. Hycrete’s corrosion inhibition admixtures reduce water absorption and also directly protect rebar. Because less water and fewer chlorides are allowed to enter the concrete, the concrete has enhanced durability.

Using Hycrete waterproofing admixtures saves owners and contractors time and money compared with membrane waterproofing. Time savings are associated with not needing to install a membrane, reduced rain delays, and reduced delays from waiting for the concrete to dry. Because the waterproofing is integral, it is accomplished at the time of concrete placement. Hycrete waterproofing solutions are generally lower cost than membrane solutions, so there are also savings on the initial installation cost. In the long run, the durability of the solution leads to reduced water penetration and corrosion, and there is no need to reapply coatings. This means that repair and maintenance costs are reduced.

See case studies for examples of savings. Also see time savings and cost savings for more details, and use Hycrete’s calculator to find out how much you can save on your project.
For corrosion inhibition, Hycrete products offer superior long-term performance, so your structure lasts longer and repairs are reduced.

For mortar, CMUs, blocks, and stucco, Hycrete products reduce damage from water penetration and mold, and reduce adverse visual effects such as efflorescence and staining. Cleaning and repair costs are reduced.

With Hycrete360, you don’t just get waterproof concrete, you get waterproof construction. Our industry-leading service guides details and mix design and carries out site inspections to ensure watertight construction, and closes cracks that leak. Our warranty guarantees that if it leaks, we fix it.

Yes, we will guarantee the absorption rate of concrete containing Hycrete products.

The Hycrete360 system uses our industry-leading performanced-based warranty.

Please contact us for details of warranties for our other products.

Yes. Hycrete products can protect concrete in any shape or size. See more details about how Hycrete products can be used in difficult conditions.

Hycrete products are certified under MBDC Cradle to Cradle protocol. Integral waterproofing eliminates exterior membranes or coatings, which are typically applied using high VOC primers/adhesives or made of petroleum-based substances. These membranes are often permanently bonded to concrete and prohibit recycling after concrete demolition. The concrete and membranes therefore go straight to landfill. Hycrete admixtures are environmentally benign and when mixed in concrete, do not detract from concrete’s existing sustainable characteristics.

You can access information on the Cradle to Cradle protocol at or

Learn more about Hycrete’s Cradle to Cradle characteristics and find out how using Hycrete products can help you with green construction.

Using Hycrete360 may earn an ID (Innovation in Design) point for membrane-free construction. Additionally, using any of Hycrete’s admixtures may help contribute to earning LEED points in several categories:

  • MR 2.1 – Construction Waste Management
  • MR 4.1/2 – Recycled Materials
  • MR 5.1/2 – Sourced Locally Within 500 Miles
  • ID – 2.5% of Building Materials Cradle to Cradle

Hycrete Applications

In any instance where there is a chance of exposure to water or chlorides.

Membrane-Free Waterproofing

  • Below-Grade Foundations and Elevator Pits
  • Plazas and Podium Decks
  • Retaining Walls


Belt and Suspender Waterproofing

  • Green Roofs
  • Belt & Suspenders Waterproofing – when you want to be absolutely sure that there will be no leaks – using a membrane plus integral waterproofing.


Temporary Waterproofing

  • Temporary Roofs


Waterproofing Plus Corrosion Inhibition

  • Balconies
  • Parking Structures
  • Pools and Water Features
  • Water and Wastewater Treatment
  • Water Tanks


Corrosion Inhibition

  • Infrastructure
  • Marine Structures


Precast Concrete
Decorative / Architectural Concrete
CMU Blocks, Pavers, and Mortar Cement

Please contact us to check whether your application is suitable if it isn’t listed above.

Some applications are more optimal than others for use of Hycrete’s products. In order to qualify for an IntegraTek warranty as a party of Hycrete System W, Hycrete must review and approve project specific details. Please contact Technical Services if you have any questions.

Currently Hycrete, Inc. is focused on large projects demanding mission-critical subgrade, grade, and super grade water and corrosion protection. However, depending on the scope of project, residential work is considered on a case-by-case basis. In any instance materials can be ordered for residential use – see below.

Yes. Contact Hycrete or visit Green Depot to inquire about purchasing Hycrete admixtures for your home.

Hycrete Sustainability

Hycrete admixtures are Cradle to Cradle CertifiedCM Gold. They have been extensively tested by independent parties and comply with the rigorous sustainability standards of Cradle to Cradle. While the raw materials are proprietary, the Cradle to Cradle process looks at all of the product inputs and manufacturing processes, analyzing water and energy use as well as the safety of the raw materials themselves. Hycrete admixtures do not require any special handling and use instructions. When Hycrete admixtures are added to concrete, they react with any metallics, forming permanent pore-blocking molecules throughout the concrete matrix. Finally, when the concrete is re-purposed (such as for roadbase), it may be used safely and without extra labor and energy (compared with traditional waterproofing membranes that often need to be stripped from the concrete in order for the concrete to be properly repurposed).

Yes. Hycrete is Cradle to Cradle CertifiedCM Gold – the certification process analyzes the water and energy used in manufacturing, as well as the sources of water and energy. Hycrete is continually improving to limit its water use and reduce the energy required for production (and currently engages in a program to offset the carbon impact of the energy used as it transitions to a greater reliance on renewable energy sources).

When Hycrete admixtures are mixed with concrete, they react with metallic ions forming pore-blocking polymers throughout the matrix. These permanent pore-blockers not only protect the concrete from water infiltration-related damage, they coat steel rebar, protecting it from corrosion. Once Hycrete is mixed with concrete, it becomes a permanent part of the concrete, providing long-term protection. When the concrete is re-purposed (i.e., for roadfill) – because Hycrete admixtures are Cradle to Cradle CertifiedCM Gold – the concrete may be safely recycled without an additional step to remove the Hycrete. This is in contrast to the requirement to remove external waterproofing membranes from concrete when membranes are used.

Hycrete is mixed integrally in concrete and is dispersed throughout the concrete matrix, forming pore-blocking polymers that become a permanent part of the matrix that provide lasting waterproofing and corrosion-protection.

Yes. As a part of Hycrete’s ongoing commitment to continued product improvement and environmental and social responsibility, the company undergoes periodic reviews to measure progress towards achieving set goals in these areas. An example of one of these goals is Hycrete’s participation in university concrete programs – advising college engineering students in the use of Hycrete admixtures in concrete mixes, donating material, and serving as a resource as students work with concrete in university design competitions.

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